Delivery - Normal / Painless / Cesarean section

The ultimate goal of the pregnancy journey should be a healthy mother and a healthy baby irrespective of the mode of delivery. Although a smooth uncomplicated vaginal delivery is the best rather there is a difficult, complicated vaginal delivery, cesarean section is much safer. Both modes of delivery have their own pros and cons. Normal vaginal delivery in a low-risk woman is definitely more physiological. And to make the journey less traumatic and painful, the option of painless labor in the form of epidural analgesia (the gold standard of labor pain management) is offered to all patients. Pregnant patients have a right to make an informed choice about painless labor and mode of delivery. Whether it be cesarean delivery or vaginal delivery, the experience and expertise of an obstetrician play a pivotal role in a safe outcome.

Delivery Normal

Dr. Jigyasa offers complete support and guidance to help you decide normal delivery and Cesarean Section. The decision to go with either of the two types depends on different factors. Dr. Jigyasa offers all delivery services ranging from counseling, pre-pregnancy care, and post-delivery care. With the help of Dr. Jigyasa, you can make the right decision but choosing an option that is suitable and healthy for your case.

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Delivery Normal

Dr. Jigyasa Govil


Dr. Jigyasa Govil is a renowned gynaecologist in Noida. She specialises in laparoscopic surgery and is currently available at Cloudnine Hospital

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